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Sarah Carmichael • 2D Animator




• Adobe Photoshop
• Toon Boom Harmony

• Adobe After Effects

• Adobe Premiere
• Adobe Animate
• Adobe Illustrator 

• Autodesk Maya

• DuIK Bassel 
• Body Movin
• Slack

• Discord

• Mac/PC

• Wix

• JSON/Lottie

•2D Animation •  Clean Up Animation • Motion Graphics • Rigging • Illustration • Creature Animation • Previsualization • Storyboarding Quick Learner • Critique Driven • Team Player • Eye for Detail • Gamer • Horror Enthusiast • Theme Park Aficionado • Animal lover • Spanish Speaker




Professional Experience

Spindlehorse Toons                    

     Cleanup Artist - Helluva B0ss




January 2021 - Present

  • Responsible for cleaning up rough animation and ensuring it’s on model throughout an entire shot

  • Reanimated various assets that changed throughout production

  • Animated fine details such as clothing patterns and freckles during the cleanup process

  • Aligned camera, animation, and background to match the storyboard as needed

  • Provided assistance to the vsfx team with final coloration of assets

  • Rendered, organized, and packaged files for compositing, adhering to strict naming conventions

  • Collaborated with a remote team of artists across several time zones and countries

Astral Chicken Animation LLC                   

    Freelance Artist - Small Business Owner

October 2019 - Present

  • Animated client logos for use in online videos and marketing

  • Drafted storyboards for multiple client videos, adding revisions as need

  • Cataloged broll for use across various projects

  • Illustrated custom signage for use inside a local business

  • Designed new logo for local business’s marketing material and signage.

  • Created various illustrated works featuring clients’ personal characters

The Meet Group                 

     Freelance Animator




February 2022 - April 2023

  • Created and animated digital stickers for various apps within the company’s catalog

  • Illustrated unique assets for use in animation, ensuring all images were coding compliant

  • Drafted multiple unique concepts and storyboards for each sticker assignment

  • Engaged in complex troubleshooting and bug reporting for various app and software related issues

  • Networked remotely with a team of artists from all across the country

  • Packaged assets for integration and use across mobile apps, ensuring the final product was below 1MB

Apartment D                    

     Character Rigger and Animator - Freelance




September 2022 - October 2022

  • Animated various character puppets, following storyboards and animatics as closely as possible

  • Worked with tight deadlines, completing 2 Jurassic World music videos throughout contract duration

  • Coordinated with freelancers and studio executives remotely through online spreadsheets, Slack, and Zoom calls

  • Employed a rigid but realistic style of animation, using overlap, follow-through, and turn arounds for complex motion

  • Worked closely with compositing artist to align shots and tweak positioning of characters in final renders

Confidential Cartoons                    

    Cleanup Artist -Freelance




November 2021 - December 2021

  • Cleanup Artist on NFT music video for Wagmi

  • Used Adobe Animate to produce clean line art in preparation for color and compositing

  • Utilized various animation techniques within Adobe Animate, including symbols, tweens, and puppeting

Mighty Animation Studio                  

     2D Cutout Animator - Freelance




July 2021 - September 2021

  • Character animator on “The Boys Presents: Diabolical, Episode 2”

  • Used Toon Boom Harmony to animate various complex character rigs

  • Created additional assets for rigs on a shot by shot basis

  • Implemented animation notes in a timely manner

  • Collaborated with a remote team of artists across several time zones and countries

Apartment D                    

     Character Rigger and Animator - Freelance




July 2021 - August 2021

  • Used After Effects to rig and animate various bipedal and quadrupedal characters, using both the native puppet tool and the DuIK Bassel plugin

  • Provided rig edits and stress testing throughout the project, ensuring all aspects were in working order

  • Animated humans, animals, and props to music, closely following provided storyboard

  • Coordinated with freelancers and studio executives remotely through online spreadsheets, Slack, and Zoom


     Motion Graphics Artist




June 2017 - July 2021

  • Created appealing Motion Graphics, UI Animation, Character Animation, Logo Animation, Explainer Videos, and Illustration to enhance Optym's diverse software catalog

  • Lead the previsualization of countless videos, creating storyboards, animatics, and leading brainstorming sessions to help bring our scripts and engineer's visions to life

  • Streamlined the marketing department’s character animation potential by creating detailed, easy to use rigs within After Effects

  • Assisted in companywide rebranding, focusing mainly on animated assets and illustrations

  • Coordinated with Videographer to catalog, stabilize, and color correct footage, as well as assisting in creation and editing of videos

  • Responsible for creating several marketing based videos from start to finish

  • Worked closely with other members of design team, as well as software engineers, to create accurate, visually appealing marketing material

  • Marketing team was the recipient of several regional Gold and Silver Addy Awards

UF Digital Worlds Institute                    

     2D Animator




January 2016-May 2017

  • Used Toon Boom Harmony to animate character puppets for an environmental awareness interactive video

  • Animated various Spanish and English assets and subtitles for the Early Learning Florida educational initiative

  • Performed compositing, sound mixing, and video editing in preparation for final render

  • Using raw data, created clean green screen keys and effective multi camera cuts

  • Assisted in minor translation and copy edits throughout project


Savannah College of Art and Design


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Animation, with a focus in 2D Animation

  • Cum Laude

  • Received Academic and Artistic Honors Scholarship throughout entire enrollment.

September 2011 - May 2015

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